Emergency Radio (Police Scanner) App Reviews

97 add

Need more canadian

Awesome app. But needs Ottawa, Toronto and other. Ontario scans

Canadian cities

Please add the larger Canadian cities: Toronto Windsor Ottawa Montreal Vancouver Mississauga Calgary Edmonton Guelph Oakville Burlington Milton Hamilton Kingston Hanover Sauble beach Wasaga beach Markham North bay Those are the most populated and most visited cities in Canada.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada PLEASE

Why is it that Southern Ontario always stops at London, there is one more major city, WINDSOR, please add Windsor to the list.

Pls add more Canadian cities(Toronto)

Good app but its lacking lots of major Canadian cities. Plzz add Toronto and more big cities to the list. Otherwise great app and it works fine.

Nice but wheres canada?

I love this app. I live in Quebec city and it would be cool to have police scans from here or near (montreal, ontario, vancouver etc...) Thanks!

Interesting App!

App works great! And Calgary, Alberta, Canada will not be on there because their radio is digitally encrypted.

Amazing but please add Laval!!!

Please add Laval cause without laval it useless (to me)

Where is Ottawa

As a Canadian ham and scanner fan I would really like to hear the local capital of Canada ems police fire air etc I justpaid for this application on my iPod and really enjoyed it Unfortunately where is Canada babyy???hope to see better Canadian stations in here,especially a few more HAM repeaters in the national capital area..... Hey, were on the map too!!!!! 73 de VE3QUE


 add TORONTO, great app 


This was one of my first apps I bought. Tried the lite version first. Seemed fine. Bought the full version and used it for several months until too many of the feeds were OFFLINE all the time. Dont know if its a result of the app or the feeds but it seemed they were offline more than they were online. Not able to use the app. Gonna try Scanner 911. Heard good things. More options better reliability. $0.99

Add Newfoundland

Add Newfoundland, and why is everything offline, I had this app for 2 years, and it never worked since I bought it. Please fix it now. Anytime I try a channel, offline, offline, offline, offline, offline, offline... All the time it is offline. Please fix it NOW

Love this app

Love the newest release of this app. Much better organization of places WTG

Calgary Alberta.

Need to have Calgary Alberta police, fire and ems. Stars and hawk helicopters as well please. If we have Edmonton we should be able to get cowtown.

Way too many...

Frequency offline messages. Needs to ne cleaned up.

Need Calgary

Neat app. Could use more Alberta though especially Calgary.


I really like this app and have had it or some time. Great job!

The best of them!

Ive tried several (too many) similar apps and this is my hands down favourite. I was using another for awhile because it supported multitasking, even though I liked it less. Now that this one has been updated, Im back for good!

Excellent App

This app is amazing to use. Works great and the updates are always improvements to the overall product.

Love this App

It is so interesting. I am addicted in a healthy way!!

Very nice.

I use this app frequently to listen to events happening all over north america .

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